Security Economics

Games and Abstraction: The Science of Cyber Security

Role: Postdoctor researcher (Queen Mary); visiting researcher (Imperial College). Principal Investigators: Chris Hankin, Pasquale Malacaria. This proposal addresses the challenge “How do we make better security decisions?”. Specifically we propose to develop new approaches to decision support based on mathematical game theory.

Cybersecurity Games and Investments: A Decision Support Approach

In this paper we investigate how to optimally invest in cybersecurity controls. We are particularly interested in examining cases where the organization suffers from an underinvestment problem or inefficient spending on cybersecurity. To this end, we …

Game Theory Meets Information Security Management

This work addresses the challenge “how do we make better security decisions?” and it develops techniques to support human decision making and algorithms which enable well-founded cyber security decisions to be made. In this paper we propose a game …