A Case Study of Internet of Things Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Smart Phones


In the state of the art, Internet of Things (IoT) tends to be touted as a future technology. Based on that concept and the constant development of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), this paper explains and implements a case study of a converged Internet of Things based on a WSN and a smartphone. The implementation integrates the networking capabilities of a WSN, a wireless local area network and a smartphone device, in order to achieve a monitoring service and tracking mobility of objects for the purposes of future Internet of Things services. The scenario is to create a service, or a way that one will be able to understand and monitor an individual’s movement inside a house. At the end new concepts and ideas for future work will be presented. The paper is part of the WMN Research Group ongoing research to implement a futuristic service for monitoring elderly residents under the concept of smart homes

28th Wireless World Research Forum Meeting