A Testbed Implementation for Securing OLSR in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks


Contemporary personal computing devices are increasingly required to be portable and mobile enabling user’s wireless access, to wired network infrastructures and services. This approach to mobile computing and communication is only appropriate in situations where a coherent infrastructure is available. There are many situations where these requirements are not fulfilled such as; developing nations, rural areas, natural disasters, and military conflicts to name but a few. A practical solution is to use mobile devices interconnected via a wireless medium to form a network, known as a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), and provide the services normally found in wired networks. Security in MANETs is an issue of paramount importance due to the wireless nature of the communication links. Additionally due to the lack of central administration security issues are different from conventional networks. For the purposes of this article we have used the “WMN testbed” to enable secure routing in MANETs. The use of cryptography is an efficient proven way of securing data in communications, but some cryptographic algorithms are not as efficient as others and require more processing power, which is detrimental to MANETs. In this article we have assessed different cryptographic approaches to securing the OLSR (Optimised Link State Routing) protocol to provide a basis for research. We conclude the paper with a series of performance evaluation results regarding different cryptographic and hashing schemes. Our findings clearly show that the most efficient combination of algorithms used for authentication and encryption are SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm-1) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) respectively. Using this combination over their counterparts will lead to a considerable reduction in processing time and delay on the network, creating an efficient transaction moving towards satisfying resource constraints and security requirements.

International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications