A Framework Supporting Extreme Emergency Services


In many extreme emergency scenarios, such as natural or manmade disasters, the rescuers may face difficulty using traditional legacy networks due to destruction or collapse of infrastructure in such events or in case of remote disaster locations. The nature of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) makes them suitable to be utilized in the context of an emergency for various rescue teams. However, the security and reliability of the mobile ad hoc based communications can be decisive in the effectiveness and efficiency of rescue missions in extreme emergency cases. Furthermore, these stringent requirements propagate through to upper layers that include transport and application layer. In this paper we propose a framework for handling the P2P overlay serves different purposes and combines different technologies. The general functionalities of the framework are structured and unstructured overlays in MANETs. In addition, we propose a new suite of protocols called PEACE Security Platform (PSP) that can address the key research challenges surrounding fast, reliable and secure MANETs for supporting emergency services in extreme catastrophic events.

ICT Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit