Towards the Definition of a Security Incident Response Modelling Language


This paper presents a cyber-physical systems modelling language for capturing and describing health-based critical infrastructures. Following this practice incident response plan developers are able to model and reason about security and recovery issues in medical cyber-physical systems from a security requirements engineering perspective. Our work builds upon concepts from the Secure Tropos methodology, where in this paper we introduce novel cyber-physical concepts, relationships and properties in order to carry out analysis of incident response plans based on security requirements. We illustrate our concepts through a case study of a radiological department’s medical cyber-physical systems that have been infected with the WannaCry ransomware. Finally, we discuss how our modelling language enriches security models with incident response concepts, guiding plan developers of health-based critical infrastructures in understanding cyber-physical systems vulnerabilities and support decision making at a tactical and a strategic level, through semi-automated secure recovery analysis.

2018 International Conference on Trust and Privacy in Digital Business