ARIES: A Novel Multivariate Intrusion Detection System for Smart Grid
SECONDO: A Platform for Cybersecurity Investments and Cyber Insurance Decisions
Apparatus: A Framework for Security Analysis in Internet of Things Systems
Deep Binarized Convolutional Neural Network Inferences over Encrypted Data
Cache-Based Privacy Preserving Solution for Location and Content Protection in Location-Based Services
TT-SVD: an Efficient Sparse Decision Making Model with Two-way Trust Recommendation in the AI Enabled IoT Systems
An Efficient Attribute-based Multi-Keyword Search Scheme in Encrypted Keyword Generation
Dynamic Decision Support for Resource Offloading in Heterogeneous Internet of Things environments
Post quantum proxy signature scheme based on the multivariate public key cryptographic signature
On-the-fly Privacy for Location Histograms
Distributed Key Management in Microgrids
Optimizing investments in Cyber Hygiene for Protecting Healthcare Users


DT-CP: a double-TTPs based contract-signing protocol with lower computational cost
Post-Incident Audits on Cyber Insurance Discounts
A Taxonomy and Survey of Attacks Against Machine Learning
Honeypot Type Selection Games for Smart Grid Networks
Using Sparse Representation to Detect Anomalies in Complex WSNs
CUREX: seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange
Optimizing investments in Cyber Hygiene for Protecting Healthcare Users
A New Encrypted Data Switching Protocol: Bridging IBE and ABE Without Loss of Data Confidentiality
TAW: Cost-Effective Threshold Authentication with Weights for Internet of Things
A Taxonomy and Survey of Cyber-Physical Intrusion Detection Approaches for Vehicles
Quantum-Resistant Identity-Based Signature with Message Recovery and Proxy Delegation


An Enhanced Cyber Attack Attribution Framework
Unsupervised learning for trustworthy IoT
Risk Assessment Uncertainties in Cybersecurity Investments


An Options Approach to Cybersecurity Investment
COALA: A Protocol for the Avoidance and Alleviation of Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Selecting Security Mechanisms in Secure Tropos
A Conceptual Model to Support Security Analysis in the Internet of Things
Game Theoretic Path Selection to Support security in Device-to-Device Communications


Decision Support Approaches for Cyber Security Investment


Game-Theoretic Model of Incentivizing Privacy-Aware Users to Consent to Location Tracking
Towards the Definition of a Security Incident Response Modelling Language
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Minimizing Security Risks in the Internet-of-Things


Standardisation Advancements in the Area of Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


Security Model for Emergency Real-Time Communications in Autonomous Networks
Recipients' Anonymity in Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks


“Performance evaluation of secure video transmission over WIMAX


A test-bed implementation for securing OLSR in mobile ad-hoc networks
Secure Routing for Supporting Ad-hoc Extreme Emergency Infrastructures
Adaptive and Secure Routing Protocol for Emergency Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
End-to-End Security Protection


Maximizing Network Throughput