PEACE: IP-Based Emergency Applications and ServiCes for NExt Generation Networks

Funded by the European Commission H2020 Programme under Grant agreement ID: 225654 (1 September 2008 to 31 January 2011)

The transition to next generation networks is often coupled with the vision of innovative services providing personalized and customisable services over an all-IP infrastructure. To enable a smooth transition, next generation all-IP networks need not only support more services but also support current vital services, namely emergency services. In the PEACE project we will provide a general emergency management framework addressing extreme emergency situations such as terrorist attacks and natural catastrophes as well as day-to-day emergency cases based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). To achieve this goal the PEACE project will be addressing two major technological challenges. First a general solution for secure multimedia communication in extreme emergency situations will be provided. Such emergency services in cases of natural disasters or catastrophes will often involve the establishment of an ad-hoc networking environment. In this context, the PEACE project will be devising mechanisms for fast and lightweight establishment of trust relations between ad-hoc members of an emergency team and ensuring the security of their communication. Further, to enable multimedia communication in such environments an architecture will be provided for supporting the distribution of currently centralized services such as VoIP and name translation and supporting those services in a reliable manner withstanding any failures and changes of the network. Additionally, the PEACE project will investigate the provisioning of day-to-day emergency communication. Due to the different structure of IP and PSTN networks it is not possible to simply reuse current standards and solutions for realizing such communication in IP networks. This involves location management and identification solutions as well as providing reliable VoIP service infrastructure. To be able to support emergency services over an all-IP infrastructure further work is required in the area of highly reliable IP.

Role: Research fellowship working on security protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks, Kingston University, Principal investigator: Christos Politis.

Emmanouil (Manos) Panaousis
Emmanouil (Manos) Panaousis
Associate Professor of Computer Science